Jody Rasch, Plague - Yersina Pestis

Plague - Yersina Pestis, 2002

Pen and pastel on paper

8 x 11 inches

Jody Rasch, Raw - Salmonella

Raw - Salmonella, 2002

Pen on paper

8 x 11 inches

Jody Rasch, Energy 1 - Mitochondria

Energy 1 - Mitochondria, 2003

Pen on paper

8.5 x 11 inches

Jody Rasch, Flora - E-coli

Flora - E-coli, 2003

Pen and pastel on paper

8 x 11 inches

Jody Rasch, Chlamydia

Chlamydia, 2003

Pastel on paper

8.5 x 11.5 inches

Jody Rasch, Iridovirus

Iridovirus, 2008

Graphite on paper

46 x 80 inches

Jody Rasch, Plasmodium (Malaria)

Plasmodium (Malaria), 2010

Colored pencil on paper

55 x 60 inches

Jody Rasch, H1N1

H1N1, 2010

Pencil on paper

55 x 76 inches

Press Release

The World Unseen: Intersections of Art and Science gathers the work of ten international artists, including Jody Rasch, who draw upon microbiology, biotechnology, anatomy, and texts in their investigations of microbes and cells, DNA, history of disease and science, the body, and beauty. They all share a deep interest in science, and some are scientists themselves or collaborate closely with researchers. Some mine the images of the unseen world to comment about the debates that swarm around the intersection of disease and ethics—past, present, and future. Others are drawn to the abstract beauty of what is sub-visible—real and imagined. Several of the artists use their work as a starting point to understand the complex relationships between humans and their biological systems, as well as challenges facing us in the 21st century, including emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. Through paintings, drawings, installations, and videos, these artists ponder the humanistic and scientific implications of knowing and seeing what we normally cannot see.

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