. . . the goal of art is to represent the fundamental aspects of reality, and that art should progress from representing what is immediately available to the senses, to the new realms revealed by science. Kazuo Nakamura: A Human Measure. Richard William Hill

LAMINAproject is a hybrid art platform, exhibiting and selling science-inspired artwork by emerging and established artists online and through physical exhibitions, pop-up exhibitions, public/private projects, site-specific installations and art fairs.

LAMINAproject draws together artists sharing an underlying philosophical, rather than stylistic, unity; artists finding inspiration on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge, in ideas and visions that are “much more strange, beautiful, elegant and mind-boggling than anything an artist, or any person, could have dreamt of . . .” (John Mighton. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics). Their work integrates ideas, images and metaphors of science to communicate fundamental truths about the world. It is art that allows our perspective to shift from surface appearance to the hidden forces and structures ordering the universe, rendering the unseen seen. LAMINAproject presents art that is not ‘about science’, but rather about the fundamental underlying realities revealed by the tools, concepts, principles and images of science.

One of the highest delights of the human mind is to perceive the order of nature and to measure its own participation in the scheme of things. Le Corbusier

The artist’s task is not so pragmatic and straightforward as the scientist’s; nevertheless, both the artist and the scientist are prompted by the same creative urge to find a perceptible image of the hidden forces in nature of which they both are aware. Naum Gabo, Art and Science



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