Installation by Amie Esslinger in "And I Must Scream, The Monstrous Expression of our Global Crises" at the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University

Employing monstrous, grotesque, and humanoid figures and forms, the works engage five themes—corruption and human rights violations, displacement, environmental destruction, the pandemic, and renewal. This exhibition acts as a call-to-action and shows these crises to be both urgent and interconnected.

According to Dr. Hellman, "The exhibition seeks out the voice of the artists to explore incomprehensible man-made issues and aims to connect artists from a range of countries. These ten artists' important work, and the monumental crises their art confronts, bring vital conversations to the forefront in a way only art can."

Artists featured in the exhibition include Laeïla Adjovi & Loïc Hoquet (Benin/France & France), Anida Yoeu Ali (Cambodia/US), Steve Bandoma (DRC), Amie Esslinger (US), Ganzeer (Egypt), Cannupa Hanska Luger (US-Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Lakota), Thameur Mejri (Tunisia), Kahn & Selesnick (US & UK), Yinka Shonibare (UK), and Fabrice Monteiro (Benin/Belgium). The exhibition closes on May 15, 2022.

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