Michal Gavish is multimedia artist and a freelance art reviewer, based in Washington, DC. She received her MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. Previously, she had earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry, which continues to influence her art practice. She draws, paints and creates installations and videos inspired by her science background and her ongoing collaborations with scientists. Her work is exhibited in solo and group shows nationally and internationally. Recently she was featured by the National Academy of Science and in a book about 18 contemporary women artists. Gavish has co-curated two group shows in New York. She lectures and teaches college art and science. She writes art reviews and is a staff contributer at SciArt Magazine. 


Michal Gavish Artist Statement

As a chemist, I used to see the world through the minute molecules that compound it. As an artist, I form relationships with these structures. In Nano Portraiture, I explore the vulnerability of DNA and protein molecules by constructing their translucent imagery. I transform these molecules from the scientific space into layered paintings through the process of abstracting, while retaining their individual features. This specificity connects my work to the small components of our inner biology.

Collaborating with scientists, I create art based on specific models and spectra and construct my multimedia work by amplifying the detailed scientific features to human scale. This magnification enhances the tiny complex bio-formations that exist in small magnitudes in which the concept of visualization does not exist. Considering their frailty, I give a new voice to these essential living formations that are invisible to the eye. 

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