Michal Gavish is a multimedia artist based in New York City. She received her MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. Previously, she earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry, which continues to influence her art practice. She draws, paints, and creates installations and videos inspired by her science background and her ongoing collaborations with artists.

Gavish’s work is exhibited in solo and group shows nationally and internationally. She has been invited to participate at the Changwon Sculptural Biennale in South Korea 2022. Her works have been exhibited in solo shows at the Budapest Museum, Delaware Contemporary, LIU Brooklyn, Hillyer in Washington DC, Garrison New York, Spinerei in Leipzig, Germany and Sandra Lee in San Francisco among others. Gavish has exhibited in group shows at Biobat, Brooklyn; Radiator, New York City; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; Plain Site, Washington DC; Stanford University, ZeroOne Silicon Valley Biennale; Venus Knitting, Brooklyn; Tachles, Berlin; Sonoma Art Museum; Bogota Art Fair, Columbia and more. Gavish is a regular contributor to Sciart Magazine and lectures extensively on Art and Science. She has co-curated group shows in the New York-area and was awarded several projects and artist residencies in New York City and Europe. Her works are held in public collections at University of California, San Francisco; The Jewish Museum of Hungary, Budapest; The City of San Francisco; Palo Alto Art Center; Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv; as well as in private collections in New York, California, North Carolina, London, Munich, and Israel.


Michal Gavish Artist Statement

"My fascination with science goes back to my former research work, observing the beauty of the microscopic world that is hidden from the naked eye. For me, viruses, proteins, and crystals aren’t abstractions—they are figures, objects and nano-scale landscapes. Captivated by these minute shapes, I interpret them in their intricate environments, which inform scientists' communal imagination. 

I use my scientific training to create new visual perspective and to maintain ongoing collaborations with practicing biologists and chemists. Using innovative painting techniques, I interpret visual research data into paintings and soft installations.I sometimes draw and at other times develop three-dimensional works by layering original chemical paint-combinations onto translucent fabric and fragile paper. The resulting works give presence to the microscopic living formations which we know exist but can hardly imagine.

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